3 Secrets to a memorable outdoor party

by N. B. Taylor & Co. Inc. 06/10/2024

If you feel like your entertaining ideas could use a refresh, consider hosting a casual outdoor party. Outdoor parties are the perfect way to show off your backyard, patio or other outdoor space and enjoy the company of guests at the same time.

However, outdoor or backyard parties can bring their own unique challenges to prepare for. Long before your guests arrive, consider these important things when planning your party:

Menu considerations

Entertaining at home often centers around serving food, and outdoor parties are no different - though they can have different challenges. Whether you serve all the food yourself or host a potluck, have options available for keeping dishes warm or cold outdoors. For hot food, this can be as simple as cooking in a crock pot or slow cooker.

You can also keep food warm in a cooler - just make sure it's a dedicated container for hot dishes! For cold food, a classic cooler or tray of ice will do the trick. Consider adding fun, decorative labels to easily differentiate.

Outdoor activities

What's the ideal mood for your backyard party? Think about your goals as well as your guest list. If children are coming to the party, have some games planned to keep their attention. For guests who prefer to relax and converse, have an area for quiet conversation separate from higher-energy party activities.

Seating for an outdoor party

Seating is another major factor in any party that becomes even more important when you bring the fun outdoors. Having the right outdoor furniture can not only enhance the style of your space, but impact the comfort of your guests.

Make sure to provide enough seating for everyone you invite, plus a few extra dining chairs just in case. Provide shelter from the elements and promote conversation with thoughtful furniture layouts.

Whether you're planning a pool party, picnic or a quiet night around a fire pit, these reminders should help you prepare for the best possible outdoor event.